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    Contact Us
    Our Company
    Company Profile

    GENERAL CONSTRUCTIONS COMPANY LIMITED was originally founded in 1947 and was one of the first construction companies to be registered in Cyprus. Although the Cyprus construction industry in those early days was very much in its infancy, the Company quickly became established as a serious and progressive organisation.

    General Constructions Company Limited started out as a leader in its field and since that time has maintained its position as one of the largest and leading building organisations in its own area of operations, by a progressive and well-planned policy of expansion, which has kept pace with the progress in the Building Industry generally and with the changes from a craft-based industry to one based on engineering science and modern building technology. Today it is acknowledged as one of the Pioneers of the Building Industry in Cyprus – a title which was achieved through the Company’s integrity, reliability and professionalism throughout the years.

    An active and open-minded management has pursued a policy of employing professionally qualified personnel in the field of architecture, civil engineering, quantity surveying and others, to promote the efficiency and professional ability of the company. With this highly professional type of organisation, the management has rapidly been able to promote the adoption of the most up-to-date developments in construction techniques and so create the company which is today a leader in its field as an efficient and modern building and civil engineering organisation.

    The spirit of "team work" has been among the principles promoted by GCC and has resulted in GCC  being one of the biggest contractors in the private sector in Cyprus where the price is not the main proviso in awarding projects.  

    Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental requirements have always been high on the Agenda of the Management of GCC and it has secured 9 Safety Shields for 1st place and 3 Commendations for 2nd place for the years 1996-2004.

    Together with an efficient and up-to-date approach to construction technology, GCC has also set out to become as independent as possible, in terms of plant and machinery.
    Today the company owns all the necessary plant and equipment for projects which are in hand, as well as having a considerable reserve of modern machinery which can be immediately called upon for new contracts or as replacements for machinery now in operation.

    During its long history, GCC has been responsible for the execution of a considerable number of significant projects which are now recognised as landmarks in Cyprus, including large-scale works for the Cyprus Government, the British Sovereign Bases in Cyprus and other large authorities, as well as for substantial private concerns.

    The wide range and variety of developments executed by the Company, include historical buildings such as the Nicosia Municipality Theatre, the original Ledra Palace Hotel and Forest Park Hotel, the Nicosia International Airport, the Levention Museum, high-tech buildings, schools, factories, bank premises, hotels, airport technical buildings and hangars, road works, commercial and tourist developments, irrigation works, grain silos, private houses etc. 

    Apart from its operations in Cyprus, the Company established operations in Saudi Arabia over 35 years ago under the name of SAUDI CYPRIAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LTD. and has been operating successfully in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ever since. Please visit http://www.sccsa.com

    Today, the Company is continuing to grow, has several large Construction, BOT and Development Projects in hand.

    GCC is in the process of entering the Bahrain, Oman and Qatar markets.

    The motto of the Company is “Quality First” and thus to be able to look at its Projects 60 years down the line and be proud that they were built by GCC.

    Why GCC?


    Our reputation precedes us all, and the long-standing reputation of GCC has been
    responsible for the Company being awarded many contracts where price is not the
    main proviso.

    During its long history, GCC has been responsible for the execution of a considerable number of significant projects which are now recognised as landmarks in Cyprus, including large-scale works for the Cyprus Government, the British Sovereign Bases in Cyprus and other large authorities, as well as for substantial private concerns.

    The wide range and variety of developments executed by the Company, include historical buildings such as the original Ledra Palace Hotel, the Nicosia International Airport, the Nicosia Municipality Theatre, the Levention Museum, high-tech buildings, schools, factories, bank premises, hotels, airport technical buildings and hangars, road works, commercial and tourist developments, irrigation works, grain silos, private houses etc. 

    The motto of the Company is “Quality First” and thus to be able to look at its Projects 60 years down the line and be proud that they were built by GCC.


    Organization Chart

    GCC Organisation Chart



    GCC Cares
    Thank You
    60 Years of Leadership

    Pioneers in Civil Engineering
    SUSCON Awards
    Frou Frou
    Pyla II
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